new childcare hours

Parents to work longer following new childcare hours

According to a recent survey by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), pre-school parents could start to increase the amount of time they spend at work when the Government introduces 30 hours of free childcare per week.

The plan is set to be piloted in parts of the UK during 2016. NDNA’s Free Childcare Survey 2015 is the first study of its kind to get the opinion of parents about the new 30 hour allowance. The study was carried out on Netmums, and revealed that as many as four in five families plan to make full use of the extended hours for children aged three to four.

More than 50% of survey participants revealed that they would look for more work to be eligible for the free childcare provision. On top of this, 75% of parents who are not currently in employment said they would consider looking for work.

Chief executive of NDNA, Purnima Tanuku, said: “The results show that the Government’s offer of more childcare hours is wanted and needed and already eagerly anticipated. The survey also suggests that reform will encourage more parents to work more hours, bringing the economic boost the Government wants.”

Information published by the Department for Education specifies that more than 1.3 million three and four year olds could be entitled to receive 30 hours of free childcare. The new provision could result in thousands of parents looking for extra work.

NDNA highlights the need for the nursery sector to receive support from the Government, in addition to improved funding and a consultation with childcare professionals in order to successfully provide 30 hours of free childcare.

The study of 1,000 parents and carers of children aged under five throughout the UK found that, 71% of families were already using day nurseries and more than 80% of families consisted of two working parents. Many of those surveyed said they would use their free time to work, whilst some said they would like to study to help them progress or further their careers.

Anne-Marie O’Leary, editor in chief of Netmums, said: “The proposed 30 free hours should – if properly funded – help make childcare more affordable for parents of three and four year olds, improve the choices UK parents have and ensure work pays for many more mums and dads.”

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