Have you got baby name remorse?

It has been found that one in five mothers feel regret towards their choice of baby name and would pick another name if they could.

According to the survey the most regretted were Charlotte, Amelia, Anne, Daniel, Jacob, James and Thomas. As well as being regretted, Amelia is also surprisingly one of the most popular baby name choices – Amelia and Oliver have been the most popular baby names for the past three years.

Of the 245 mothers who regretted their decision, the main reason was that it was too commonly used (25 per cent) and 20 per cent said it just didn’t feel right or that they had been pressured into using the name. Nearly a quarter of mothers regretted the name once their child started nursery.

“It’s typical, you do lots of research, try to please everybody inputting ideas and end up regretting your choice in the future,” comments Peterborough based nursery manager Nick Douglass. “But most children grow into their name, and there are certainly more important things in a child’s make-up than their name. If you are stuck for name ideas though, Nick has a certain ring to it, right?”

We stand by Shakespeare’s famous words: “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Despite this, parents do spend hours upon hours making sure they pick the right name. It comes as one of the first decisions to be made for a parent. While we can’t help you with the name, we can help parents in Peterborough with another key decision – finding a suitable day nursery.

Our beautiful Peterborough based nursery in Orton Longueville has an open door policy so you can come and have a look around at any time with your little one. There will always be a member of management available to give you a tour. To let us know that you’re coming call us on 01733 390 969.