School Leavers Trip to Sacrewell Farm

As a Peterborough based nursery, we love to get out into the countryside when we can. One of our favourite place to visit with our Peterborough nursery children is Sacrewell Farm.

And later this month we will be taking our children there. In fact, our Nursery is planning a trip to Sacrewell Farm on Wednesday 17th August 2016. The cost of the trip will be £6.00 per nursery child. This will include a picnic, entrance to the farm, fun in the play barn, a tractor ride and transportation from the nursery there and back.

Please note if your child is in the preschool nursery unit or in the toddlers nursery unit and it is not normally a day they attend nursery, they are still invited.

Peterborough nursery children

Nursery children will need to arrive promptly at the Apricot Nursery at 8.45am and be ready to collected at 3.45pm for those whose do not normally attend on a Wednesday or term time only. Due the number of staff involved (staff / baby ration) unfortunately only babies who are normally due to be taught Wednesday 17th August 2016 are able to attend.

Sacrewell Farm is popular with many children and adults from the Peterborough area. Perhaps they visited as a child and are now returning with their own children. Perhaps for some of the children from Apricot nursery it will the first time they have ever visited.

Sacrewell Farm is more than just a visitor attraction. It has a long history which dates back to the 1086 and the Domesday survey. For more than 50 years now the site has been run as a charity by the William Scott Abbott Trust. Its aim is to provide an agricultural education for everyone, from nursery children to OAPs.

At Apricot Nursery, Peterborough, we believe in allowing our children to get out into the world to explore in a safe and controlled way. Having a day trip like this one to Sacrewell Farm is just one of the ways that we like to extend our nursery children’s education beyond our 4 walls.