reading to children

Parents encouraged to share more reading experiences with children

As a toast to International Literacy Day, BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, has launched a campaign encouraging families to spend more time reading together.

The ‘Time to Read’ campaign was formed after research found that the typical family home has three children’s books but parents only manage to find time to read to their children just three times a week.

Reading to children

Parents are also noticing how little quality time they are spending with their little one, with two-thirds of parents worrying about a lack of family time. In today’s world there are many distractions; whether it be work, technology or social media, these are all playing a big part in us being in our own bubbles. But nine in ten parents want their families to have more quality time together and books can be the perfect answer.

“A lifetime love for reading is sparked by reading together; sharing the adventures on the pages is important not only in the nursery school years but right through childhood,” comments Nick Douglass, nursery manager at Peterborough based Apricot Nursery. “After a long day it can be great to relax with your little one and share the experience of a book, it is quality time as well as being educational.”

“We do plenty of reading with the children through nursery hours but it is important for parents to reinforce this – what’s better than a good bedtime story?”

So find just ten minutes a day to share a story with your child and brilliant things will happen.

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