Children develop faster at nurseries than staying at home

Children with working mothers and fathers develop faster than those whose parents stay at home to look after their child, a new study has found.

The social and everyday skills developed by those attending a nursery have been found to be better than children that stay at home with their parents. Scientists at Oxford University and the London School of Economics suggest that those who stay at home are less advanced.

Benefits of attending nursery

The study tested children against four measures of development. The results showed that staying at home had a five per cent negative impact on children’s everyday and social skills. Conversely, attending nursery delivered a 10 per cent positive impact on everyday skills.

Researchers explained that the benefit of nursery increased with the amount of time spent there. Dr Laurence Roope, of the Oxford Health Economics Research Centre, said: “We’re not saying that they should be spending 24 hours a day there, but it does seem spending more time there had significant benefits.

“It should give parents some reassurance that nurseries are not going to harm their children, and are likely to be beneficial.”

In general, children are often exposed to greater and more varied stimulating activities at nursery and they have the opportunity to interact with new children and adults – all helping towards their development.

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You can have a look here for what to expect from your child through their early development and up to the age of five.

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