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Have you got baby name remorse?

It has been found that one in five mothers feel regret towards their choice of baby name and would pick another name if they could. According to the survey the most regretted were Charlotte, Amelia, Anne, Daniel, Jacob, James and Thomas. As well as being regretted, Amelia is also surprisingly one of the most popular […]

Parents encouraged to share more reading experiences with children

As a toast to International Literacy Day, BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, has launched a campaign encouraging families to spend more time reading together. The ‘Time to Read’ campaign was formed after research found that the typical family home has three children’s books but parents only manage to find time to read to […]

Tips for parents looking for a nursery

It can be a daunting experience for parents – especially new ones – not only coming to terms with how to look after a child, but knowing what educational path to set them on. So, mums and dads, listen up. Here is a detailed list of things to think about when choosing a nursery: Who’s […]

Is your child a fussy eater?

There’s nothing more stressful than a child who is reluctant to eat at meal times. If this is a problem in your household, we’ve put together a few solutions to encourage your child to quit the habit:. Colour Having bright colours on your child’s plate will make the meal more appealing and would generally be […]

6 steps to toddler discipline

It seems like only moments ago that you were holding a cuddly, helpless baby in your arms. All of a sudden, now, that little baby is toddling around the house, reaching, grabbing, and noisily declaring “No!” Welcome to the toddler phase of parenting. Toddlers are combining their language, body, and reasoning skills, and applying them […]

School Leavers Trip to Sacrewell Farm

As a Peterborough based nursery, we love to get out into the countryside when we can. One of our favourite place to visit with our Peterborough nursery children is Sacrewell Farm. And later this month we will be taking our children there. In fact, our Nursery is planning a trip to Sacrewell Farm on Wednesday 17th […]